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Marisol Mendez gets instruction at the Baby Cafe. Photo by Edrieana Martinez, CAPK
August is World Breastfeeding Month: Breastfeeding Matters
This August, the Kern County Breastfeeding Coalition and local breastfeeding support community partners are joining the celebration for National Breastfeeding Month! We want you to know that breastfee ...more
Putting the Tech in Technical Education
Nearly the entire second floor of the impressive Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) is dedicated to providing students with the latest equipment and opportunities to explore a wide variety of ca ...more
Local Students Find Their Career Futures at CTEC
Eighteen-year-old Caleb Bailey works as a Solutions Engineer at Stria, LLC thanks to doors opened for him his senior year of high school through the Kern High School District’s Career Technical ...more
11 Ways to Make Weeknight Dinners Easier
Eating dinner as a family is a time-honored tradition our society recognizes as positive in theory but sometimes difficult to implement in practice. What families actually do spans the spectrum: some ...more
Anxiety Disorders in Children
My daughter was nine years old when she had her first panic attack. She was trembling, out of breath and her heart pounded. These symptoms persisted for almost ten minutes and nothing I said or did co ...more
Intuitive Eating
Tapping into your intuition can be tricky, but when it comes to eating, it can be key to health and vitality. Intuitive eating is a self-care eating framework which integrates instinct, emotion, and r ...more
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